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Billion Star Hotel movie awarded best movie at Miami Independent Film Festival

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Billion Star Hotel movie won the best fiction movie award for 2016. The award was given by the Miami Independent Film Festival in June. The event was held within the Movie Month event in Miami USA, coordinated by the New York Film Academy.

The festival was held at the New York Film Academy South Beach and also at the Wynwood cultural centre in Miami. The festival was presented by Laura Gasperini, programme director at the New York Film Academy. Over 962 movies from 64 countries have been selected in the competition. ” The Billion Star Hotel” previously won the best fiction movie award for October 2015 and qualified along with other 11 movies for the annual competition.

The movie was directed by Alecs Nastoiu, produced by Ovidiu Vasu, financed by Sebastian Calugar and written by Alexandra Pater.

The movie tells the story of a little homeless boy who is mentored by a man, Papa Rudi.