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Bucharest International Air Show has delighted the public this weekend


Bucharest International air show and general Aviation exhibition took place this weekend with teams from Romania, Spain, Ukraine, Czech republic, USA, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria and Lithuania showing off their skills.

The teams have performed aerial acrobatics and flying demonstrations. Guests could also visit diverse airplanes.


Special guests include: Spain Special Air Forces with F18 Hornet planes, Ukraine Special Air Forces which performed with Suhoi Su27 Flanker, Czeck Special Air Forces with Saab 39 Gripen and L-159 ALCA, USA Air Forces with F15 Eagle and Hercules C-130 Alabama National Guard exhibited on the ground. The team from Greece has brought a Mirage 2000, and Bulgaria participated with a Suhoi Su 25.


The public could also visit a NATO AWACS plane. The show also included Aerial police exercise performed by the Romanian Air Forces.