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Romanian students win Microsoft competition


Three Romanian students have won the Imagine Cup, the Innovation category, a competition organised by Microsoft.

Students Flavia Oprea, Iulia Matesica and Cristian Alexandrescu have invented an equipment that is used to diagnose patient balance through ear-nose-throat consultations. The equipment will be used by people working at great heights, such as pilots or climbers.

The students will receive 50,000 dollars to develop their idea together with Saty Nadella, the Microsoft CEO. The product, that was already tested by doctors, has special sensors that measure, examine and stock information. The information is saved in a cloud where they can be accessed by patients and doctors.



 150 teams from across the world have participated in this competition and 35 teams have qualified. The winners of the Innovation competition:


1st Place: ENTy of Romania, $50,000

2nd Place: Bit Masters of Sri Lanka, $10,000

3rd Place: HealthX of the United States, $5,000



source- greatnews