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Over 15,000 visitors at the Traditional Crafts festival at Astra museum


15,865 people have participated at the Traditional crafts market and the National festival of traditions at the ASTRA museum this weekend.

400 artists and craftsmen have come from different parts of the country- Banat, Oltenia, Ardeal and also from Moldova and Serbia.


Visitors were able to enjoy music concerts, traditional local foods such as local jams made of walnuts, paprica from Banat, cabbage with mutton and crawfish with pepper, cheese pie, white mamaliga (similar to polenta but heavier).


The music concerts were performed by Ansamblul Folcloric Ceata Junilor, Robert Tarnaveanu, Mariana Anghel, Sebastian Stan, Florin Pistrila and Nicolae Furdui Iancu.



Craftsmen held several workshops where people were able to learn how to paint wood, glass, they were able to weave and sculpt.


Photos by Cosmin Calinescu

source: Astra museum facebook page