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Cluj-Napoca-to become first city in Romania to use electric buses



Cluj-Napoca will be the first city in Romania to use electric buses.

The city hall has already purchased 30 electric buses with Swiss funds. The company that produces the buses has convinced the city hall that the buses are very efficient and that they can handle heavy traffic. The Hungarian team has travelled for 80 days with the bus to prove it. The bus has travelled through Portugal, Canada, China, Russia and now it stopped in Cluj-Napoca.

The bus is produced by a Hungarian company and uses Romanian software. The electric bus takes 3 hours to charge,  it does not pollute and it can travel up to 250 kilometres.


In the city, it uses 0,61kWh/km, which is double than an electric car but the bus  can transport 15 times more passengers.

The buses will be used starting with next year.




source: digitv