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Avram Iancu successfully swims across the English Channel


Avram Iancu has finally crossed the English Channel on his fourth attempt. The man, who is currently working as a librarian, swam 62 km in 18 hours.

The librarian has tried several times to cross the channel. In 2014 he swam for the first time, hoping he will be the first Romanian in history to do it. However, he did not manage to finish the crossing.

Talking about his succes, Avram Iancu said

“Even though I’ve lost three battles, they were not failures because they taught me the movements of the beast, they strengthened my determination and belief that I could win the battle that decided the fate of the war. Yesterday was the final battle! I won! After 62 km and nearly 18 hours of physical and especially mental anguish as I’ve never lived before”.


It is important to note that Avram Iancu swam without a neopren suit. He said that there is a huge difference when swimming without a neopren suit. He said that the difference is like that between rugby and American football, where you wear a special protection helmet. He said that the International community of swimmers recognizes the crossing only if you do not wear a suit.



photo: Sea Leopard Charter

source: Romania Insider