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Andy Garcia to play Brancusi in “Sculptor” movie



Andy Garcia will play  Constantin Brancusi in a movie called “The Sculptor”. The information was provided by director Mick Davis, who also directed “Modigliani”, which was filmed in Romania.

“Modigliani” also had Andy Garcia as the main character and the movie was a critical success. The film had many personalities such as Eva Herzigova, Udo Kier and Jim Carter and many Romanian actors, such as Theodor Danetti, Mihai Gruia Sandu, George Ivascu, Lia Bugnar and Dorina Lazar.

Director Mick Davis was born in Scotland and has been a long time friend with Rod Steward. After moving to Los Angeles he wrote the script to movies such as Vampire War (1996), Love in Paris (1997), The Match (1999), the Invisible (2007).


source: adevarul