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Bucharest voted amongst the top 14 most sparkling European cities you have to see at Christmas time

photo by Dan Mihai Balanescu

MSN has organized a top European cities that you have to see at Christmas time. Bucharest was chosen alongside Paris, Berlin and Budapest.

This year Bucharest was was decorated with over 3 million tiny lightbulbs for the Christmas celebrations. The decorations were set up over 29 kilometres in 52 locations.

MSN wrote

Bucharest’s University Square becomes a winter wonderland at Christmas time. If you’re lucky there’ll be snow to lend an extra touch of magic.

If you care to visit Bucharest’s Christmas light you can go on a trip around the boulevards:┬áMagheru, B─âlcescu, I.C. Br─âtianu, Unirii, Pia┼úa Unirii, Pia┼úa Universit─â┼úii, Pia┼úa Roman─â, Bulevardul Lasc─âr Catargiu, Regina Elisabeta, Pia┼úa Victoriei, Bulevardul Aviatorilor, Arcul de Triumf, Pia┼úa Arcul de Triumf, Pia┼úa Charles de Gaulle, Pia┼úa Presei Libere, ┼×oseaua Bucure┼čti – Ploie┼čti, ┬áentry of DN1, F├ónt├óna Miori┼úa, Pia┼úa George Enescu, Centrul Istoric, Pia┼úa Roman─â, Lupoaica monument, Pia┼úa Constitu┼úiei, Bulevardul Carol, Pia┼úa Universit─â┼úii – Pia┼úa Rosetti, zona Ateneu – Nicolae Golescu, ┼×oseaua Colentina with ┼×oseaua ┼×tefan cel Mare, ┼×oseaua Colentina cu Strada Doamna Ghica, Calea Mo┼čilor cu Bulevardul Dacia, ┼×oseaua Mihai Bravu with Strada Baba Novac, Bulevardul Unirii with Strada Traian, Bulevardul Cantemir with Bulevardul M─âr─â┼če┼čti.


photo by Dan Mihai Balanescu. Facebook page of photographer: Dan Mihai