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Romania is world champion at table tennis!


Romania has become world champion at table tennis, junior category. Adina Diaconu and Andreea Dragoman have won the championship on Wednesday.

The competition was organized in  Cape Town, South Africa. The sportswomen have beaten Japanese Miyu Kato and Hina Hayata with 4-2.

Adina Diaconu has also won the bronze medal at the simple category after she was beaten by her Hing Kong competitor. She was the only European to participate in this phase of the competition.


Adina Diaconu is double continental champion at the junior category. She has so far won 12 gold medals at table tennis. They represent Romanian clubs ACS Dumbravita, Timisoara and CS Romgaz Medias. They are both coached by Marian Filipas and Felicia Coneschi.

source europafm