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50 km cave to open for the public


The longest cave in Romania and in south-east of Europe will be open to the public starting next year. Currently the cave is open only to researchers.

The cave is called the Wind Cave and it is located in Padurea Craiului mountains. It is 50 kilometres long!

Researchers are currently exploring the cave to establish a route for tourists. The cave was discovered 59 years ago and it is like a maze.


Speologist Ferenc Csis stated that this cave is famous because it is difficult to explore because it has only one entrance and it takes 8 hours to reach its end.

The cave also has diferent streams of water and different species of bats. The cave will be organized so the tourists will be able to explore safely. The tourists will also have a guide. The organizers will also offer protection clothes and helmets. The researchers pointed out that although they will allow tourists to visit they are asking them to respect the bats that live inside.