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A new species of cuckoo discovered in Romania

A new species of cuckoo was discovered on the Romanian territory this month. The bird was discovered by a German tourist called Rolf Nessing. The tourist was participating in a trip with his friends in Dobrogea where they were birdwatching.

The discovery was confirmed by the Romanian Ornithology society which made the announcement on the International Day of Migratory Birds. The director of the Romanian ornithology society said that after the german tourists reported about the bird, a group of specialists went on the field to Gura Dobrogei to investigate. They first heard the bird from a distance and after 5 minutes of searching, they managed to find it.

The species has been named Clamator Glandarius. It reaches 39 centimeters and has a specific crest. The bird’s song is more similar to the woodpecker more than a typical cuckoo. This bird lives in the Mediterranean area and loves to live in open areas with bushes. The female usually tricks magpies and puts their eggs in their nests. However, compared to the typical cuckoo, this new species does not throw the eggs of the bird host, but the baby birds tend to make much more noise in order to get more food. The cuckoo baby birds are also able to protect the nest by spreading a scent that protects the nest from cats.


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