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75 Romanians to run for the local elections in Italy

It is well known that there is a large community of Romanians in Italy ( over 1.131.8375  people), and there are many signs that Romanians care about their new home, as more and more expats become involved in the local communities.

Romanian citizens that are currently residing in Italy are going to run for the local elections in Italy. According to Agerpres the citizens have already submitted their forms in order to be able to run.

Romanian citizens do not have any interdictions against running for the local councils and they are also under no charges that would stop them to run in the electoral campaign.

It seems that mostly women are interested to be involved in the local affairs, as from the 75 Romanian citizens that applied, 51 are women and only 24 are men. In order to be able to run for the local off, ce Romanian residents have to be at least 39 years of age. The elections will take place on June 11 in 1,021 towns and cities.




source photo: DanieleDF