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Gold, silver and bronze medals won by Romanian athletes at the European Mountain Running Championships

Romanian athletes have won gold, silver and bronze medals at the European Mountain Running Championships in Slovenia.

Gabriel Bularda has managed to secure the gold with a time of 47 minutes and 7 seconds on a 8.5 kilometer route with a 1,035 metre ascent.Romania’s women have managed to win several medals. Gabriela Andrea Doroftei, Alexia Hecico, Irina Alice Bordeanu and Iulia Melinda Zudor have won the silver medal. As well, Gabriela Andrea Doroftei has won the bronze with a time of 24 minutes and 36 seconds on a 4.5 kilometre route with a 430 meter ascent.

The male team: Gabriel Bularda, Peter Daniel Hermann, Catalin Florin Tocila and Marius Sorin Turciu managed to only reach the 4th place.

241 competitors from 27 countries participated in this year’s competition.


source agerpres