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Romanians in UK march in Snowdonia’s mountains

Many Romanians have participated last week in the Romanians in the UK Challenge. This march was organised by Romanian marathon runner Alex Dan Dumitru.

The march was organised in Snowdonia, Wales.  According to Romanian website this year, the march happened to be organized on a rainy, foggy and cold day. The ground was also full of rocks, abrupt and there was also very low visibility. As well the climbing was quite hard and the ground was slippery.The group who came from London walked through the Pyg Track route since 4 o’clock in the morning and the other group formed of 35 people left the hotel at 11.30.


All groups have managed to reach the 1085 altitude in 3 hours. After spending half an hour at the peak they have descending the mountain which has taken them only 2 hours. Once they have descendent the organizers gave diplomas to participants. The day finished with a barbecue party at the Garth Farm.

The group had Romanians coming from different parts of UK such as Cardiff, Birmingham, London, Manchester, and Leeds.  The youngest participant was 8-year-old, Robert Popa.