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Catalina Ponor and Marian Dragulescu win gold and silver medals at gymnastics championship


Romanian gymnasts Catalina Ponor and Marian Dragulescu have won the gold and silver medals at the Szombathely competition in Hungary. Catalina Ponor has won the gold medal for jump and she has also won the silver medal for the floor exercise.

Marian Dragulescu has managed to do a perfect jump for which he received 9,400 poinds and then he received 14,566 points for the second jump.

Catalina Ponor has managed to get 13,933 for the beam exercise and for the floor category she received 13,566 points. She was beaten by Brooklyin Moors from Canada.


Oher Romanians who have participated in the competition have been placed lower in the competition:  Maria Holbura got the 4th place with 12,266, Vlad Cotuna  the 4th place with 14,400 points, Cristian Bataga the 5th place with 13,933.




source: agerpres