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Romania wins one gold medal and three silver medals at the European IT competition

Romania has won one gold medal and three silver medals at the European IT Olympiad. 22 countries have participated in this year’s edition which was held in Bulgaria.

The student who managed to win the gold medal is Matei Tinca, who is currently a student at the Tudor Vianu IT national college in Bucharest.  In an interview with DIGI TV, Matei said that he had to work hard to reach this stage of the competition and that he has participated in an IT circle where he trained himself. The silver medal winner, Tiberiu Musat has also trained in the same circle. Tiberiu said that after graduating he wants to remain in Romania, as the country has become an important IT hub.

The other students who won the silver medal at George-Alexandru Rapeanu from the Emil Racovita National College in Cluj-Napoca and Mihai Matei Mirica from the IT International Highschool in Bucharest.

The professors who coached the young students are : Eugen Nodea and Ciprian Chesca.




source: digi



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