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2500 years old necklace found in a field in Iasi county

A Romanian man has found a 2500 years old necklace. Cezar Cioran has found the necklace in a field in Iasi county. He immediately took it to the Culture Direction in Iasi.

The man said it just rained and there was a lot of fog and that he believed at firs that it was a rabbit trap. The specialists noted that the jewelry is extremly precious and it belongs to german tribes who used to live in this area at the end of the second century, before Christ.

They believe that it was a part of their costume. The specialists are not yet sure what the necklace is made of as they have not cleaned it yet. However the jewelery is in a good state.

After finding out more about the materials that make the object, the specialists will estimate its value. It is believed that the necklace will be exhibited at the Palace of Culture in Iasi.