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Hollywood stars are in love with this Romanian fashion designer

Did you know that there is a Romanian designer who is loved by Hollywood stars? Her name is Andreea Badala and her Brand Murmur has captured the hearts of many.

Recently she has launched a collection on the spring-summer of 2018. The style mirrors the 1970’s retro fashion. She created clothes with deep cleavage, printed satin, and bodies with hard cups.  The clothes have metallic buttons which can be opened instantly. The designer said that the philosophy of the brand is the fact that clothes need a way of being undressed.

The collection has windows through which the skin is uncovered and it has different openings through which a ritual of undressing is created. It is a story of dressing and undressing.

Andreea at work.

The Murmur collection was present at the Paris Fashion Week this year.

Already, Kirsten Stewart was seen wearing a Fade t-shirt on the red carpet at the premiere of her latest movie called “Come Swim” in Los Angeles and Katy Perry was also seen wearing her creation.

source photos: Murmur