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Romanian painters to exhibit their art at the Oxford International Art Fair

Romanian painters Bogdan Mihai Radu and Radu Tikanete will have their works exhibited at the International Art Fair in Oxford this year.

Other artists, such as Yanfei Wang from the US and August Vilella from Spain have will also show their creations alongside the Romanian artists.

Radu stated


I am really excited, first because this is my first attendance at an international fair and then, because this decision, from the organizers, to show one of my works – somehow as a favorite, alongside the other two – surprised me and brought me joy.


The Fair will take place in the last weekend of February, on the 23-25th. The main focus of the festival is on contemporary artists and it promotes independent artists from around the world. As well, visitors can meet the artists in person. The fair will also hold a competition.



source: romania-insider

source photo: evenimentul zilei