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The Royal Institute of British Architects awards Romanian student with the Excellence Award

Romanians who traveled abroad have proven that they are able to work hard and find success in any field.
26-year-old Ruxandra Maszni has started her career in a very successful way as she has received a distinction in the field of architecture in the UK.
The woman, originally from Suceava county and a graduate of the Architecture university has received the Excellence Award in the UK. The award is given by the Royal Institute of British Architects to only one graduate student a year.
Ruxandra Maszni has studied at the Ciprian Porumbescu Art College in Suceava and at the Richmond upon Thames College in London. Then, she has continued her studies in Architecture at the Brighton University and the Masters at Portsmouth University. There, she studied with Any Hadzhipetrova, who has won the same prize in 2017. It takes 7 years of schooling in the UK for an individual to become an architect.
The awards have been given for 50 years and they celebrate quality architecture, accomplished projects and innovative elements that are meant to improve the quality of life.
Ruxandra’s project was a two years project on the purpose of colored lights in the urban spaces and how these can be used to connect neighboring cities like Liverpool and Birkenhead. The project is called Festival City and consists of light and temporary buildings that would be very attractive and which would bring entertainment. The project was praised for its detailed work.

source: Monitorul de Suceava