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Maria Boldor wins Fencing World Cup

Maria Boldor from Steaua Bucuresti has won Sunday the World title for Fencing, junior section, after beating Flora Pasztor with 15-12. According to the Romanian Federation of Fencing, Boldor has … Continue reading

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Romanian-Japanese student excels in Informatics and composing music!

Nakajima Tamio-Vesa is a Romanian- Japanese young man who have been proven a genius not only in the mathematics- informatics field but also in the music field. He now lives … Continue reading

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Brasov chosen as a perfect destination for Christmas

  Brasov was among the 8 lesser known destinations for a traditional European Christmas chosen by outret.com Other destinations that were included in the list areĀ Ljubljana, Slovenia, Poznan from Poland, … Continue reading

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Romanian engineer wins gold medal at Bruxelles invention salon

Romanian engineer Corneliu Birtok Baneasa has won a gold medal and the Thailand special prize at the Innnova Bruxelles international salon of inventions. The engineer has developed a device that … Continue reading

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Horia Tecau donates breathing ventilator to hospital

World champion tennis player Horia Tecau has donated a breathing ventilator to the Constanta Emergency hospital. Thanks to the efforts of the Save the children campaign that worked with Horia … Continue reading

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Romanian priest builds homes for single mothers

A priest from Iasi, Romania has decided to help single mothers by building a centre in which they can live together with their children. According to digi24.ro the project is … Continue reading

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NGO serves hot meals to poor residents

“A hot meal” ( O masa calda) is a civic action through which 50 individuals with limited income receive food worth of 100 lei for a whole week. Last week … Continue reading

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Romanian National gala awards young entrepreneurs

The second edition of the National Gala of Young civil society in Romania was held in Cluj Napoca, on 14 November and has awarded many worthy young men, women and … Continue reading

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Romanian restaurant owner keept customers safe during Paris tragedy

L’Amarre restaurant owner Nicolas Sfintescu has managed to save 20 people during the Paris shootings. His restaurant was one of the places that was attacked by terrorists during the fatal … Continue reading

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“You should be proud of your doctors!” Bordeaux doctors impressed with their Romanian colleagues

Romanian doctor Ciprian Isacu, currently chief of Burn section at the University hospital centre in Bordeaux has praised Romanian doctors for their efforts during the Colectiv drama. Ciprian Isacu together … Continue reading

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