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Romanian nun adopts and raises 12 orphan girls

    Mother Serafima has raised all by herself 12 young orphan girls since they were infants. The orthodox nun lives in Marcus Monastery in Brasov county. In this place … Continue reading

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Spiridon Vangheli nominated for Astrid Lindgren prize

Spiridon Vangheli, author of the “Abecedar” book for primary school students and author of children book series with Guguta, has been nominated for the children literature prize Astrid Lindgren 2016. … Continue reading

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The Romanian who creates books for Eton college

If you ever wondered who creates the books that William and Harry learnt from, well…it’s a Romanian guy and his name is Paul Balogh. He is the founder of a … Continue reading

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Romanian invents smartphone case that transforms WiFi signals and phone movements into electricity

  A young man from Cluj has invented a smartphone case that can charge a phone without needing an electricity socket. The project is called ArKase and was created by Razvan … Continue reading

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Fun sledge competition to be organised in Cluj this February

  Saturday 6th of February, the Feleacu Winter Games, in Cluj county will open for the first time. During the event people are invited to come and compete with sledges … Continue reading

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Local people donate money to help local cart salesman

Thousands of people gathered together this weekend to help Robert Lukacs, a young man who works in the center of Cluj selling diverse products from a cart. The local people … Continue reading

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So what happened to the first Romanian who arrived to the UK after work restrictions lifted? You would be surprised!

You might remember the whole scandal about Romanian immigrants coming to the UK by the millions after the work restrictions had lifted off. You also might remember that the media … Continue reading

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People run 21 kilometres in honour of Union Day

20 people ran 21 kilometres on the 24th of January, from Galati to vama Girgiulesti in Moldova Republic only for the purpose of dancing the Unification Hora called “Hora Unirii” across … Continue reading

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Hobbit style houses built in Romania

  At 20 km from Buzau, at Berca, a pretty little village is being built and it is quite similar to the hobbits ‘houses in the Lord of the Rings. … Continue reading

January 24, 2016 · 2 Comments

Romanian film festival takes place in Strasbourg in January-February

  The fourth edition of the Romanian film Festival „4ème Quinzaine du Cinéma Roumain” takes place until 16th of February in Strasbourg and will present six movies from Romania and Moldavia that … Continue reading

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