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Hobbit style houses built in Romania



At 20 km from Buzau, at Berca, a pretty little village is being built and it is quite similar to the hobbits ‘houses in the Lord of the Rings. The five houses have unusual characteristics, the windows are actually car windscreens and the roof is built in such a way that grass will grow on it.

The village project has started two years ago by Nicoleta Marin. She said she first thought of making it a retirement home and then she thought about making traditional houses. However these projects were abandoned because it is very hard to renovate old houses. Later she met Ileana Mavrodin who told her about cob houses and decided to work together on the project. Ileana told her where she can buy these materials to build the houses. The houses are built out of sand,cob, hatch and no bricks or chemical substances were used.

The roof will be covered in grass and cereal crops.