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50 positive things that Romanians did in 2016

There are many many many good things that happened all over the world in 2016. There has been an ongoing international campaign to denigrate Romanians, for reasons unknown to us. … Continue reading

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Two IT specialists from Cluj invented a secure authentification system that does not need passwords

These days we have to remember many many passwords for our social media accounts, emails, bank accounts and so on. This might change in the future as two young IT … Continue reading

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Two Romanian students win bronze medals at the International Olympiad of Astronomy in India

Cosmin Andrei from Galati and Radu Andrei from Braila have won the bronze medals at the International Olympiad of Astronomy and Astrophysics in India. The Olympiad took place between December … Continue reading

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Romanian artists, writers and researchers awarded at Iasi Gala

Oamenii Timpului Gala ( People of our contemporary times) has recently awarded Romanian artists for their contribution to Romanian culture. Writer Mircea Cartarescu, journalist Paul Radu and priest Constantin Necula … Continue reading

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Iasi students cook meals for homeless

Students of the UMF bioengineering university in Iasi have cooked 60 portions of chicken with broccoli and went to a homeless shelter to give it to people. The students got … Continue reading

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Romanian team wins second place at the bobsleigh world competition

The Romanian team has won the second place at the Bobsleigh World competition in Canada. Carmen Manolescu, Andrei Turea, Marian Gatlan and Flavius Craciun from Sinaia Sports Club were coached by … Continue reading

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Alex Bologa wins gold at International Judo competition in Japan

Alex Bologa, 21 years old, has won the gold medal at the Judo international competition held in Japan. The All Japan Judo Championships was held in Tokyo, November 27. Alex Bologa … Continue reading

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“I love the people, the food, the geography, the sights, the folklore, the superstitions”-British woman chooses Bucharest over London

    When Brexit was voted, many British people thought of emigrating abroad. Some of them took the actual step. But what about British people that moved to Romania? Why did … Continue reading

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50 km cave to open for the public

The longest cave in Romania and in south-east of Europe will be open to the public starting next year. Currently the cave is open only to researchers. The cave is … Continue reading

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Romanian wins “Engineer of the year” award

Alin Epure has been awarded the mechanic engineer of the year. Alin Epure was awarded by The Parliament Magazine, which is the European Parliament magazine. The magazine awards the best … Continue reading

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