Paulo Coelho’s books illustrated by a 22-year-old​ Romanian photographer


You have probably heard of Paulo Coelho and have at least seen one of his books in a book shop or library. However, what you might have not known is that his covers are made by a Romanian young woman.

She is from Craiova and is only 22. Felicia Simion has already received many international awards and her photographs have been on the covers of many books. She has graduated the University of Arts in Bucharest.


Her passion comes from childhood. When she was 14 years old she received a camera and told her family she wants to become a photographer. At 17 she was already one of the finalists of the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards. Thousands of photographers participate in this competition every year.


She has also won the second place of the Youth Traveler Photographer of the Year.


She became well known so she started to be contacted by book editors. For example her photo of a man siluette in a boat was used as a cover.


One of her most well-known photos is a photo that was taken in the Nicolae Romanescu park in Craiova.



source- digitv

photographer website-






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