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My name is Mihaela Pocșa, I am the author and founder of Positive News Romania. The goal of this blog is to cover positive news and interesting, fun facts about Romania.

If you want to collaborate,  have a chat or just say hello you can contact me on


Twitter @positiveromania  

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email to writer@positivenewsromania.com

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2 responses to “About/Contact page”

  1. ID-Pergol Avatar

    Hi, the website is great, I really like it, would love it even more, if it was called just ‘positivenews.com – I think that negative news about Romanians is over-blown and sometimes unfair or biased, however it is not really an issue, and portrays us Romanians as over-sensitive if we over-react, and personally, I simply do not want do dwell on others’ negative attitudes and take part in the blame game of other persons. If you are in the UK, you must be aware that there is a lot of ‘tongue in cheek’ and loads of stereotypes flying around, and Romanian-thing may be about that – so we ‘need to relax’… The website should be about Romania-related topics (as well other – anything positive with a tendency to Ro :)) , but it would attract more people if it was titled ‘positivenews.com’ (maybe that domain is already taken). Good luck anyway, definitely a visitor now !


    1. romanian1982 Avatar

      Thank you for your feedback. It was quite difficult to find a good name. All of them were taken- positive romania, good news romania. I wanted something simple that says exactly what this site is about. So, in the end I ended up choosing this name. I have built a bit of audience on facebook and twitter so I guess this name will stay. It’s not the most unique or creative name but I guess it works.
      This website was built as a response to negative news. How else can you bring balance and how else can you make people think and realise that there are good Romanians out there? Of course there are bad ones, just like any country has bad and good people. The media unfortunately has chosen to show Romanians especially in a negative way. You don’t see this type of portrayal with other nations. Anyway, thank you for visiting my website. You can subscribe or follow on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin for daily posts. On social media I post also daily photos and videos, not only articles.


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