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Young Romanian praised by Italian media for inventing a life-saving helmet

A young student, Emanuel Chirila has invented a special helmet that protects the head of bikers and also notifies family and authorities when an accident takes place. The notification is … Continue reading

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82 year old couple run the Alba Iulia Union cross competition holding hands

Over 500 people have participated this weekend at the Union cross this weekend at the Alba Carolina citadel in Alba Iulia. Among the runners there was also an elderly couple, … Continue reading

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Two Romanian brothers risk their lives to save 9 people during Italian earthquake

Two Romanian brothers have saved 9 people during the earthquake that devastated Italy. It is well known that Italy has a high number of Romanian expats and many of them … Continue reading

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Creative mechanic builds his own tractor out of scraps

A car mechanic from Gorj has built all by himself a tractor. The mechanic has manually built the coachwork of the car and he has gathered the car parts from … Continue reading

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Romanian student wins Glasgow University ‘Best Graduate’ award

There are many examples showing that the world is full of good people. The big media corporations tend to only show negative examples of Romanians, ignoring so many positive stories. … Continue reading

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British writer who moved to Romania:” Transylvania brought me back to life!”

Successful British writer Arabella McIntyre-Brown has chosen Romania as her home. While UK media always presents Romania in a negative manner, you would wonder why someone successful would move to … Continue reading

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Stefan Guzu: the story of a Romanian elected as mayor in Germany

Stefan Guzu from Romania has been chosen as a mayor of Ivenack commune in Germany. The man was born in Romania, however he has been working in Germany as a … Continue reading

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Romanian climber conquers Ama Dablam mountain peak

Torok Zsolt from Arad city has managed to conquer one of the toughest mountain peaks in the world, Ama Dablam in Himalaya. The alpinist, together with Teo Vlad and Marius … Continue reading

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Priest from Constanta awards scholarships to outstanding students

A priest from Constanta city, Romania has decided to spend the church’s donations in an unusual way. He is rewarding students that have good results in school and in sport … Continue reading

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Romanian neurobiologist to grow a functional human cortex

A Romanian neurobiologist is undertaking research for the purpose of generating a human cerebral cortex in the laboratory. This research is done for identifying the pathological processes that determine autism … Continue reading

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