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Former Romanian teacher saves fishing village by adopting houses

casa lipoveneascaStefan Constantin is a former teacher that has given up his career to save Jurilovca, a fishing village in the Danube Delta.

Because he fell in love with the beauty of this area, Stefan left Bucharest and bought a 100 year old house here, he renovated it and now he rents it. According to Pro TV,  the former teacher now tries to persuade his neighbours to do the same.

Six years ago when he bought the house  it cost him only 10,000 euros but it took another 14,000 euros to renovate it. Stefan says” the house needed to be saved just like a patient in the hospital, so I needed to give away money for medicine, to bribe doctors and other things….the house was my priority. Since I’ve bought it, the house has been our child, mine and Ana’s, my wife, it was our priority. Every winter our financial plans were made accordingly to what we needed to spend for the Jurilovca house, so it can live”. Stefan is eager to maintain all traditional houses in the area, so whenever someone buys a house he tries to convince them to not remove the traditional features.