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Romanian World War II veteran celebrated by his community


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We, the young generation have been lucky enough not to know the horrors of wars. We have lived in peaceful times.  However, we must not forget those that cared for us, defended our future and cared enough to risk or give their lives for our freedom.

Such people still live in the world today and we usually ignore them on the streets not knowing about their sacrifices. Luckily, there are still communities and people that remember and cherish these people.

One of these brave Romanian soldiers, Gheorghe Ciobanu who fought in the second World War was remembered and celebrated by his community in a grand style. On his 100th birthday, people from Cîrligi village, from the beautiful Moldavia region of Romania,  dressed in traditional, genuine hand made clothing and went to his house to celebrate him.

Gheorghe Ciobanu lived a full life, had 14 children and was married all his life to one woman, Alexandra. He worked as an administrator to the local cooperative and was also a farmer. Locals say he had a saying “ Don’t worry, God sees everything.”

For a list of notable surviving veterans of World War II, this Wikipedia page is helpful.