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Romania wins Women’s Youth World Handball Championship 2014!

handball florenta-ilieThe Women’s Youth World Handball Championship was won on Sunday, 3rd of August, 2014 by the Romanian team which beat Germany with a score of 32-21.

This is the first time Romania has won this title on this category. According to the International Handball Federation Romania had a strong defence from the beginning of the game which made the Germany team take a break during the game to rethink their strategies. However, the Romanian girls have continued successfully their game, taking the lead with 7:1. While Germany tried to bring the score together the Romanian team did not give them any chance, playing passionately and finally winning the team.

Romania has met during this competition the Argentinian team, Makedonia, Uzbekistan, Croatia, Netherlands and Denmark.

Several Romanian handball players have also won special prizes. The best pivot has been awarded to Lorena Ostase, left back prize went to Bianca Maria Bazaliu and centre back prize was given to Cristian Laslo.