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500 wild horses from the Danube Delta saved by a charity


About 500 wild horses that live in the Romanian Danube Delta were recently saved from killing by the Four Paws charity. The horses which live in Letea, a biosphere reserve under protection of UNESCO World Heritage were deemed to be a problem by the authorities due to an increasing population which might cause issues to vegetation.

The authorities decided to reduce the number by culling and on finding out about this decision Four Paws has begun negotiations and won the authorities approval. Now Four Paws has created a plan to stop horses from breeding through using birth control vaccines and has already vaccinated around 100 mares.

How does Romania have wild horses? According to Four Paws these wild horses arrived here 400 years ago and have lived in peace here since then. Several other horses from farms joined them after communism fell and thus their population has increased. The issue came when horses started to feed themselves and destroying protected plants and tree barks.

The charity has successfully taken care of the horse population, also taking care of old and sick horses and are now working towards placing them under UNESCO protection.