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Bucharest installs intelligent recycling stations


Bucharest has recently inaugurated two intelligent recycling stations that will be able to collect directly from the population. These systems were created by the Green Group together with Carrefour Romania and costed around 250,000 euros. The stations can be found nearby Carrefour Baneasa and Carrefour Vitantis. Bucharest residents will be able to recycle plastic bottles, aluminium cans, glass bottles, electrical products and electronic products, paper, batteries, plastic objects

Through this system the recycled materials will be able to arrive safely and securely in the recycling factories in Romania. People who recycle will also receive vouchers for recycling. For example, for giving away a fridge individuals will be given 80 lei in vouchers and for an aluminium can 3 lei.

The organisers are going to install these stations in every town that has a Carrefour until the end of 2015.