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Romanian team wins world title in 1,000 m race at World Championships



Romanian kayak/canoe team has won the gold medal and world title on Sunday, 10th of August, 2014 in the C-2 1,000 meters canoeing race at the 2014 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in Moscow.

Liviu Dumitrescu and Victor Mihalachi have managed to win the race in 3 minutes, 28 seconds and 340/1000.  The second place has been taken by the Hungarian team and the third by the German team.

The same Romanian team has also won the silver medal at the 500 metres double canoe competition.

According to Mediafax, other Romanian teams have also won the fourth place on the 1000 metres canoe and the fourth place in the Womens 1000 metres canoe competition.