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Alternative dogs festival held to encourage dog adoption


The festival of alternative dogs was held yesterday, 24th of August in Vlaha village, Cluj county. The festival is bilingual ( Romanian and English) and was dedicated to alternative dogs. Alternative dogs means dogs without pedigree, dogs with or without owner, former stray dogs, dogs with three legs or other types of disability.

There were five categories accordingly to the dogs’ physical characteristics :nappies, little dumpling, athletic, steel concrete and nocturnal tramp. The contest was non discriminatory as also breed dogs were allowed to participate.

Three NGO’s have participated at this festival: Arca lui Noe (Noah’s Ark), Ronda Association and Nuca Association.  Each dog  participated in the competition and paraded in front of spectators, while details about his age, breed and information on where the dog came from were given to the audience. As a side note, most dogs become stray due to people abandoning them in the city or in the forest and some dogs even get lost as a result of a car crash.

The organiser of the event was Dr. Veterinary Peter Madaras from Veterinarius Cabinet, Cluj- Napoca. Dr. Madaras has shown an interest in stray dogs for some time now, offering discounts to people that rescue stray dogs that need medical attention.

Over 55 dogs have participated in the competition that has drawn around 150 dog lovers. Several dogs have also been awarded and after the competition Dr. Madaras has offered to microchip dogs for free.

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The festival was held in the beautiful Arkhai sculpture park, which belongs to sculptor Erno Bartha.



Arca lui Noe( Noah’s Ark) association has also participated in this competition. Currently the NGO has over 100 dogs in their care.

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Dr. Madaras ( standing at the table) has organised the festival.

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Our special reporter’s dogs have really enjoyed the festival!