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Romanian engineer wins gold at the International exhbition of Inventions of Geneva

imageCorneliu Birtok Baneasa has won the gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva for an invention called “Good Fill”. The invention is a system that fills the cars with windshield fluid in the gas station. The Romanian engineer has also been awarded with special mentions by the delegations of Iran and the Republic of Moldova.
The invention is meant to help companies that own large cat fleets, as this means plastic containers that were used for fluid will no longer be needed. This eco friendly invention is provided with several pumps according to the type of washer fluid that is used. His invention is already been used by several SMURD ambulances in Hunedoara, Romania. The International exhibitions of Inventions of Geneva took place between 15th of April to 19th of April and more than 1,000 inventions were exhibited.