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Romanian team wins four medals at the 2015 European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad

225px-Flag_of_Romania.svgThe Romanian team has won four medals at this year’s European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad.The Romanian team has brought home two gold medals, a silver one and a bronze one. ┬áRomania has earned the third place out of 23 participant countries.

The fourth edition of the Olympiad has taken place in Minsk, Belarus between 14-20 of April. The national Olympic team was formed by Simona Diaconu who won the gold medals, Marina Romina Ivan who won the silver medal and Raluca Cobzaru who won the bronze medal.

Romania has participated in the previous Olympiads as well, winning the gold medal and three silver medals at the 2012 London Olympiad and a gold medal, two silver medal and a bronze one at the 2013 Luxembourg edition.