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Romanian family succesfully lobbies for the introduction of ecology courses in primary schools

imageA family from Bucharest has managed to introduce ecology courses in Romanian schools. The parents have noticed a few years ago that their children were not aware about climate changes and they did not have any knowledge related to the environment.

The parents, Felicia and Marius  have worked on several educational projects with the purpose of introducing them to schools. Their project was a success as six counties have adopted the courses. The materials that will be taught have been prepared by the couple and their colleagues from the Green initiative organisation in partnership with WWF Romania and Viitor Plus.

The course will be optional and will be taught for grades V to VIII. The couple has also organized seminars for teachers in order to help them organize their course. This will not be an average school course, however. Children will learn through games and activities about how human activities such as constructions and travelling affects nature.

Felicia has always cared about the environment as she has always been involved in ecology related issues. A few years ago she managed to save a small park in her neighbourhood. She gathered signatures, organized the neighbours and went to the city hall to ask for the improvement of the park. Her persistency paid off as the park was cleaned and street lights were installed.