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Documentary on Romanians living in UK, created by a British journalist, releases first teaser

Caption from the documentary
Caption from the documentary

13 shades of Romanian is a documentary that was created in response to the British media’s negative coverage of Romanian immigrants in the UK.

The documentary, which was funded entirely through crowfunding, focuses on the way Romanians live, work and integrate in the British culture. The producers of the documentary have stated on their website:

“Our image, as Romanian immigrants, has severely been altered in the last few years in the UK. The truth of the matter is that we’re being accused of many things on a regular basis, such as being responsible for a crime wave, asking for benefits, abusing the NHS free health care system or stealing British jobs. Instead of depicting an objective and comprehensive view of the reality, the media chose to fuel scandals and make examples of isolated cases that happen in the UK and anywhere in the world regardless of nationality. ”