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Anda Gansca chosen as one of Inc’s 30 under 30 list


Anda Gansca, 26, a Romanian entrepeneur was recently chosen as one of Inc’s 2015′ 30 under 30 list. This list prouds itself in being able to predict future succesful personalities. Some of their famous predictions include Facebook’s Mark Zuckeberg and Elizabeth Holmes of Theranod, a health industry leader in USA.

Anca Gansca, which is founder of Knotch, was born and bred in Romania. When she was 18, while applying to several American colleges, she received a call from Standford asking her to chose them because they saw her potential in entrepreneurship.

In 2012, Gansca founded a company that focuses on consumer engagement and data companies, which means the company helps brands understand audiences.

Now, in 2015, the company has a revenue of 4 million and is in discussions with important brands such as Vice Media.