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Romanian cheese receives international recognition


International Taste and Quality Institute from Bruxelles has awarded Catean farm’s “burduf” cheese a gold star.

Several products of Catean’s farm have participated this year in the ” International Taste and Quality Institute Superior Taste Award”. Around 100 specialty chefs and someliers from around the world have blindly tasted and evaluated food products, taking into account the flavour, scent, texture and visual aspect of products.

The certificate that the Romanian cheese has received is recognized on an international scale. The three brothers that produce the cheese -Silviu, George and Ionut have used a traditional recipe from 1412 that is still used by farmers today. The cheese has also received a “Best Cheese” award in the Terra Madre Balkans competition in 2012, Sofia.

The certificate will help the three brothers open a micro factory to produce and develop their cheese range.