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Romanians win gold, silver and bronze medals at 2015 Gwanju Summer Games


Laura Ilie,22 from Romania, was the first one to win the gold medal in the riffle category at the Gwanju Summer Games in South Korea. The Dinamo sports team representative got 454,4 points and defeated Valentina Protasova from Russia.

Silver medals were won by Soare Nicolae in the men’s 10,000 metre race, Andrei Gag in the men’s short and Larisa Florian in the women’s judo 52 kg section.

Bronze was secured by Vladut Simionesan in the open competition and the men’s 100 kg. Several other sportsmen are still in the competition. So far, in the women’s single events, Irina Ciobanu has defeated Liisi Koit from Estonia and Munguntsetseg Batjangal from Mongolia. Cristina Hinci also defeated swiss Laura Schaner, Roxana Ana Istrate won matches against Anita Maharjan, Nepal and Robert Amzoiu defeated Salim Marhoon from Oman.