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Romanian priest builds house for poor children with Facebook’s help

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Florin Danu, a priest from Lada village, Teleorman, Romania, has managed to build a house for poor children thanks to Facebook.

The house will be used as a school, playground and dining place for local children that are affected by poverty. The priest has been dreaming of building a house like this for quite some time and local people did not believe they will ever see it come to reality.

Due to lack of funds, Florin Danu has found the solution in social media. On his Facebook page he started asking for donations for the construction. He asked for anything people could give – a chair, concrete, doors, windows, or even dishes and cooking pans. He did not have to wait long, as donations came and soon the house was built, although it still does not have a roof.

A thousand euros that were donated through a football charity game led by Hagi and Dan Petrescu also helped to achieve his dream.