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Three Romanian girls help people donate through Facebook

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Three Romanian girls have organised a Facebook group that helps people to donate objects they no longer need. The group is called “Donez in Timisoara” ( I donate in Timisoara) and has already 1200 members after being established just a few months ago.

According to Pro TV, Andreea, one of the organisers said” Why should you throw away things that somebody else might need. This group looked like a good idea for us.” The group has unique rules, such as members being obliged to be polite and use phrases, such as “thank you”, “please”. Oana says ” I gave away clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils. I have given away recently a grater, coffee filter, sports shoes, shoes, and lots of bags”.

The only rule that the group has is that people who want the objects to meet the members face to face when doing the exchange.