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Laura-Maria Dumbrava awarded Unesco essay prize


At the age of 14, Romanian student Laura-Maria Dumbrava has won the third place in an essay contest organized by Unesco, beating more 13,000 participants from 148 countries.

The theme of the 2015 International Essay Contest for Young People was “Building Peace in Our Hearts and Minds” and the essay had to be written in English. Her essay was entitled “It starts with me” and talks about every day conflicts she managed to solve by realising that if we want change we have to start with ourselves. She says in her essay

Little by little, as the words I write engulf the pages of my diary, I get to see the reflection of myself. This is how I build peace in my heart and mind: by doing what I consider to be the right thing which always seems to find echoes in the hearts of the others and form inspirational ripples in the mind of our community and beyond.

This is not the first time Laura-Maria Dumbrava has won a prize, as last year she won first prize in the NASA contest for a presentation of NASA/NSS Student Space Settlement called Space Burg.