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Romanian National gala awards young entrepreneurs

The second edition of the National Gala of Young civil society in Romania was held in Cluj Napoca, on 14 November and has awarded many worthy young men, women and associations. Here are the winners
1.Personal achievements
• Best artist – Nechifor Radu
• Best teacher – Suciu Andreea Daniela
• Best sportwoman – Vișănescu Daria-Ioana, Șah
Best paralympic sportsman – Olah Attila, Paraciclysm
• Best volunteer – Mihaila Madalina – Georgiana
2. Projects
• Best artistic initiative – “Histrionada liceenilor”, Timis Catalin
Best inovation project – “Cluj Makers”, Rugină Roxana
Best useful IT application – “Lick it”, Balaș Dan
Best initiative of encouragement of entrepreneurship -” antrepreneurial camp for young people”, Karacsony Szolt
Best start-up – “Simplon Romania”, Rugină Roxana
The best education project – “GROW”., Cristina Cojocaru
The best civic education project -” Say it, pay it, think it forward. The blue print for a movement”, Tanase Andra
The best initiative of sports encouragement – ” The sports olympiad of Hungarian Highschools
The best intitative for the encouragement of volunteering- The scouts centre Nocrich H.C. Habermann, Sutea Diana
The best humanitarian project- ” Support their steps”, George Mosoia
The best environment project- ” A green school for community”, The pedagogical highschool Mircea Scarlat, Alexandria
Special prize for implementing the programme Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 partner of Philips Romania event
The gala was organized by the ministry of Youth and Sport and by the Foundation The Duke of Edinburgh International Award Romania with Share Federation.