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Romanian restaurant owner keept customers safe during Paris tragedy

imageL’Amarre restaurant owner Nicolas Sfintescu has managed to save 20 people during the Paris shootings. His restaurant was one of the places that was attacked by terrorists during the fatal night of 13 November and five of his customers died.

According to BBC, when he heard the first shoting he asked customers to hide under the tables and behind the bar. After the shooting stopped, he did not want to go out as he felt it was unsafe, so he told his customers to go inside and moved everyone upstairs in his apartment. He continued to comfort everyone :” People had just started their meals when it happened so I brought them some food and we had a bottle of wine”.

Only at 4 a.m. they got out of the apartament when the police said it was safe and then he realised the scale of the tragedy, as he could see bullets in the windows of the restaurants.