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NGO serves hot meals to poor residents

IMG_1229“A hot meal” ( O masa calda) is a civic action through which 50 individuals with limited income receive food worth of 100 lei for a whole week. Last week it was reported thst they got indian chicken curry worth only 2 lei.

Now the NGO behind it managed to spread their activities to other towns such as Bacau and Bucharest. The organisers of the project are professors Cosmina Paul and George Jiglau who currently teach at Political Science University in Cluj. Due to the shortage of budget the volunteers now cook at the city council kitchen. The NGO curently tries to reach an agreement with Napolact, who would donate diary products instead of throwing them and they are also trying to convince other companies, such as restaurants to do the same. It is a really good idea, given the fact that many restaurants and supermarkets throw tons of food.n