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Romanian priest builds homes for single mothers

A priest from Iasi, Romania has decided to help single mothers by building a centre in which they can live together with their children.

According to the project is sustained by donations and the block of buildings that will be built will be able to house around 50 mothers and their children. Another positive side of this is that the mothers will not need to pay any bills as these will be paid through donations by the public.

The block will have 24 apartments and will house homeless mothers and their children and will have a dining room, washing room and a prayer room. Dan Damaschin initiated this project after seeing many desperate single mothers that had not financial support and nowhere to go at the local Cuza Voda maternity.

The priest has helped many other single mothers in the past by building a house to a single mother with five children. The mother said

” Things have been good since we moved here. I have no problems anymore caused by my fights with my mother or my brother. I knew she will throw me out in the rain and cold. It was a very difficult time”.