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Romanian engineer wins gold medal at Bruxelles invention salon


Romanian engineer Corneliu Birtok Baneasa has won a gold medal and the Thailand special prize at the Innnova Bruxelles international salon of inventions. The engineer has developed a device that increases the car engine power up to 5% while reducing the petrol consumption and gas with 7%.

According to the device is called “termic deflector” and it is mostly useful to use during the summer when car engines lose around 20% of their power due to the summer heat.

The inventor said that this device can also be used in construction work and further research and developing could diversify its use. Corneliu Birtok Baneasa believes Romania has a great potential in research, however it needs proper financial support to develop.

The device has already been tested in Romania in 2010 in the city of Alba Iulia on the local buses and cars. The engineer is now studying PhD at the Politechnic university of Timisoara.