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Brasov chosen as a perfect destination for Christmas


Brasov, Council Square, Christmas in Romania
Brasov, Romania. Council Square and Xmas Tre. Historical medieval old city center square of Brasov in Christmas days.

Brasov was among the 8 lesser known destinations for a traditional European Christmas chosen by

Other destinations that were included in the list are Ljubljana, Slovenia, Poznan from Poland, Madonna di Campiglio, Italy, Coburg, Germany, Cazma, Croatia, Broadway in England and Pertisau in Austria.

Brasov was chosen because of its Gothic architecture and medieval streets and because of the beautiful Tampa mountain that offers the best Christmasy view.

Not only that but during Christmas time, the centre is filled with Christmas stalls, a huge Christmas tree and restaurants offer delicious traditional foods for Christmas such as spicy sausages, cabbage rolls and mulled wine.